About SmallBooks

SmallBooks LLC is an organization founded by an Air Force Veteran that assists small business owners with any and all financial and budgetary matters. We provide support to our clients on a monthly basis or on an ad hoc basis. We are 100% virtual which aids in the safety of our clients during this global pandemic. Our “why” is simple… because we want to see small businesses succeed.


Adedreaqua (DeDe) Wells, MBA, is a United States Air Force Veteran who served her country faithfully for five (5) plus years. During her military career she pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Minor in Accounting from Brandman University. Shortly thereafter, she went on to further her education and obtained her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from California State University-East Bay. In her professional career Ms. Wells has made it her mission to excel and be a continuous seeker of knowledge so she can perfect her craft.
While working in Corporate America Ms. Wells discovered that she truly loved bookkeeping and decided to transition her knowledge and love for numbers into her own company. With much thought and planning, SmallBooks, LLC was formed. She was determined to be successful and hone her craft.

In her spare time, Ms. Wells believes in the importance of giving back to her community; she has dedicated her services to youth and mentoring. The motto that she lives by is, “I want to be to the youth what my mentors were to me”. Currently she is partnered with two organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Heart of Georgia and Bibb County Mentoring Program where she serves as a mentor to two young ladies. By giving her time to these young ladies, it is her hopes that she will play an integral part in shaping them and having a positive impact on their future.

Amy Drury

Bookkeeping Specialist

Amy Drury is a graduate of Whitworth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics. She has worked in the finance industry for the past seven years. She has always had a knack for numbers and loves to help small businesses become financially successful. In her spare time, Amy enjoys reading, cooking, staying active, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Payroll Specialist

Mindy St. Clair has worked in the accounting industry for over nine years and specializes in Payroll. She has a passion for numbers and technology and uses that passion to help small businesses to become financially successful and more efficient so that they can focus on building their business. In her spare time, Mindy enjoys being out in nature camping and fishing, and spending time with her husband and two sons.

Bookkeeping Specialist

Amanda Agee has worked in the accounting industry for three years. She has always had an enthusiasm for working with numbers and helping people, which is why she was drawn to bookkeeping. Her goal is being able to help people succeed in their business by helping them become financially successful. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading, and spending time hiking, camping, and fishing with her husband and two daughters.